Christopher Court

Christopher Court's last school photographApril 29th 2004 - October 27th 2011

This is a full account of Christopher's journey with brain cancer written by his father.

Pictures of Christopher


How it all started

Chris was a normal happy 6 year old boy, into Lego, Karate and Cub Scouts.  He lived most of his life in Sellersville, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA.  He was doing well in school and loved to draw dragons.  He never got sick and only visited the doctors for his yearly wellness visits.  On Sunday January 16th, 2011 at around 7pm, after being perfectly normal and active all day, Chris was watching a movie with his dad in the "Man Cave" when he started laughing for no apparent reason.  When asked why he was laughing, he said "My arm's gone all floppy".  He stood up and fell over and said his leg had gone floppy as well.  His dad sat him down thinking his arm and leg were numb from lying on them, but when they did not improve after a few minutes, he started to think there was more to this.  He checked the size of Chris' pupils and looked for any changes in facial symmetry thinking it might be a stroke, but everything seemed fine apart from his right arm and right leg.  His parents then drove him straight to the E.R. at Grandview Hospital.  The doctors also suspected a stroke and did a C.T. scan which they said was clear.  The doctors decided Chris should be transferred immediately to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).